GN - "pipes" to follow an edge of random extruded shape

I’ve seen geometry follow curves in GN videos but I’m hoping for curves and curve profiles (I think) to follow select edges of geometry. Here’s a picture that more or less fakes it…

For GScatter, I need to extrude any old chunk of geometry. But to add some shape that ISN’T bonkers chaos, I need/would like any multiple of pipes that go along. I think the challenge is the initial line/curve? Its creation along a particular edge or edges and distance from that geometry (transform Node?) are mysteries to me. Then it’s a matter of curve profile to see it maybe and duplicating along an axis perhaps to achieve something like this image.

Am I close in understand the mechanics? I just don’t know the Nodes yet.

something like this does something like that!

Hope that helps.

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It got me in the right direction - back to drawing board though. GScatter takes that new geometry into account and changes the entire scatter :smiley: Vertex Groups aren’t a part of excluding geometry yet but I’ll keep this under my hat!