GNU PGP for Mac OS X - Any user here?


I found and downloaded the gnu version of PGP for OS X and got most setup
but it seems to only work half.

For example I can encrypt and decrypt my own emails but I cannot decrypt
an email I got from a somebody else while I have his key imported into PGP.

The website seems not to offer a lot of info sadly

any tip ?

Having a persons public key enables you to send him an encrypted message that only he can decrypt using his private key.

Your private key is one that’s actually used in the decryption process, for mail that someone else bothered to encrypt using your public key.

Ok now I am getting a bit confused.

So I created a key and send it to the other person
and he send me his key.

Are those the public keys you talk about? Because I imported the key he send me and cannot decrypt his email :frowning:

Hopefully, you managed to exchange public keys.

If he’s sending mail to you, he has to encrypt it with your public key, so that you can decrypt it with your private key.

Is he doing that?

PS: Relevant video:

Well I send him my key I generated and he imported it.
I got his key and imported it into my key chain.

Maybe the OS X build has some flaws because the PGP version on windows which I had worked fine.
I did the same steps. ???

But is he using it?

Unless his email client automates the process, he has to use that key (the one you sent him) to encrypt email that he sends to you.

If you watched that video that I linked to, you would understand that you’re actually generating two keys:

One is the private key, which only you know.
The other is the public key, which you can give to anyone, even if you don’t trust them.

Your private key can only decrypt data that was encrypted with your public key.

So for you to decrypt with your private key, he has to encrypt with your public key.

I watched the movie - starting to somewhat understand how this works now.

Thanks man.