Go Go Kitty Bot! - a showcase of NPR tests to production


The Adventures of June and Kitty! (still need a better name)
I’ve been working on this for months now and still hard at work on completing this episode/short.

The Adventures of June and Kitty will be a short story of a girl who found a pet robot kitty Mech. Kitty’s memory is a bit broken- but favors hanging out around June(the girl)- hoping to find his mission again.

With the activities and adventures these two go out on- Kitty starts having flashbacks of a bad past, and tries its best to not hurt June.
But alas, the fun comes to an end and Kitty is set out to do the thing he was built for.
[all I can say for now]

Here are some work in progress shots:

Now for the tech behind this!
I’ve been working on this style for quite a long time now- finding workflows and methods of quickly bashing scenes and sequences- all remaining a solo 3D artist.

What helps me out a lot on this project is the Lighting and shader solutions I’ve been making for a while now.

One of which is ‘SkyMachine’

  • I did a collab with an artist (Jakub Szlek) to bring out a full system and pack
    Have a look!:

(now on Blender market: https://blendermarket.com/products/SkyMachine)

and then ShaderToy! - Shader toy is a shader system still in the works- I plan on releasing it for free once this short/episode is done animated.

More of my NPR adventures can be read on artstation:

more tests:


This is so dope. Love the Sky Machine, too!


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thanks ^-^

definitely POG

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