Go nuts on this

Anyone fancy texturing this dude with whatever?

here’s the fbx file

If you are asking someone to texture this model, please say so distinctly with halfway decent grammar (at least).

alright then, please, would anyone be available to texture this mesh with whatever happens to come across their mind. I’m very glad there are people like you around to distinctly point out when someone has done a tragic mistake, thank you amprod2

Why are you so angry?

Who are you talking to? If its me im terribly sorry, that wasnt the emotion i was trying to convey, are you going to texture this?

I don’t see sufficient details in this post to describe it as a job request just for people to try out different texturing options. Moved to Artwork / Blender Tests

Ah excellent, thank you very much

juizoi, I believe people don’t want to help you because you seem a little demanding. Why should people take the time to texture your model, when texturing is very easy to do and I suggest learning it because modeling and texturing go hand in hand. Can’t do one without the other.

Now if you said “I am trying to learn how to texture, could someone help me learn how to do it?” then yes people will help. But we won’t do the job for you.

By the way an FBX file isn’t very helpful, .blend files are easier for blender artists to help. Also having one of the newest version is needed so more people can help.

Listen, i’ve sent a model before and had a very helpful reply with someone who was very willing, if you dont want to do it, then dont do it, im not forcing you, and you can very easily select the parts of an fbx through linked selection and assigning materials, blender can import fbxs you know. If you dont like the post then i suggest living with it, im not posting this because i dont know how to texture, i have textured many times including in the industry. Im sending this for anyone who is interested in learning how to texture and wanted by any chance a completely free licensed model to work on, its a good addition to a portfolio. Is there still a problem?

Here you go https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?409406-Texturing-job!&highlight=

This forum really doesn’t like people like you. You are attacking me when I am trying to help you. You really think I don’t know that blender can import fbx? I use it all the time. That wasn’t my point.

You know why someone textured that other model? because you were nicer and found one person who had the time to do your work.

By dragging this out, your reputation is going to keep going downhill. I suggest moving on.

I will texture the model. Discussion over.

I’m sorry friend, but I didn’t attack you, if you do feel a slight tinge of victimisation, I humbly apologise, that wasn’t my goal, if you’re not interested in training your texturing skills then please leave and let others try, you’re not doing much to anyones productivity

Hey bro, send me a PM.

I recently got substance painter, so any model to practice texturing on is great.

p.s - The model reminds me of a chibi style sherlock holmes :wink:

haha dude absolutely! I love sherlock too, it’s always a pleasure, i’ll pm you

People can be a tad too sensitive sometimes. Unless I have missed a post or haven’t seen an pre-edited version of original post all OP said was “Anyone fancy texturing this dude with whatever?”. This is far from demanding and I read it as “I made this, feel free to download and texture it”.

Plot twist: “Anyone fancy animating this dude with whatever?”

Plot twist, alternate ending: “Anyone fancy 3D printing this dude with whatever?”

Thank you so much man, you understand exactly where im coming from, i felt i did something really wrong for a while after this post.

Good grief, is Blenderartists turning into a pile of over-sensitive snowflakes, again? The OP posted what I perceived to be a light-hearted and playful post about texturing a simple character in creative ways. Look what it’s turned into. Sheesh. Grow up before Blender outgrows YOU.



I feel sad…when I read the response…What are people thinkning …Nice to read not all think that way…I’m Happy again…Puff Puff


Welcome to the internet. We have lots of obnoxious people, porn, and memes. I’m surprised people consider this an overreaction as on any other website, this would rank between extra mild and a “Hey, how are you doing on this fine day?”.

On topic (which we should be doing), I might want to try texturing it out in my free time. It looks like a neat model you have there.