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I have made a milkshake shop scene in Blender 2.57. I have modeled a juice machine thingy that has buttons that give out light. I have used the Compositor to create emission. The same technique was used in the Fridge lights. But unexpectedly, the buttons did not give out any emission whereas the fridge lights gave out a nice emission. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance. Here is the link: http://www.4shared.com/file/-kvnwtnS/Milkshake4.html
Link to the image: http://www.4shared.com/photo/CXaKNlvW/Milkshake_Shop_tiny_fridge.html

PS: Used the file host for the uploader was too slow and typed the wrong name. Its actually Tiny Juice machine.

Lights are supposed to be added thus, for starters, try changing the multiply node (for the fridge lights layer) to an add node. Multiply will simply darken the inputs so they won’t give off any light.
Secondly, you can use a blur node to blur the lights, feed the output to a rgb curves node to push brightness of the glow up, and finally overlay that on the top of the original layer using e.g. an add node. This should to the trick.

sorry but i meant the lights in the Juice machine, not the fridge lights. I am very sorry for causing such annoyance

No problem because it doesn’t really matter and the same principles apply, i.e. put objects on different render layers, apply a glow effect and combine that with the rest of the composition.

i know but that doesn 't work the right way. You can render and see for yourself.

So i think i have cornered the problem and it seems that the Alpha Over Nodes at the end a not doing what they should be doing and i am sick tweaking. There is just something wrong with it. Can somebody find the fault? Thanks. Here is a snapshot of it:

Could you please have a look at the screenshot and tell me if this is the look you’re after. Is this what you mean by saying “emit light”?


Doesn’t the background image go into the top plug of a mix or alpha over node?

Of course it does!
Weird things happen when one posts a reply around 02:30 in the morning! :0