Goa'uld Warship

Hey all, been a while since I posted anything. Been working on a Goa’uld warship design. Not actually trying to copy any previous designs, but trying to keep to the style of the previous ones. This is still a work in progress but was looking for some C&C on it, if there is anything horrible about it, etc. Thanks for taking a look and leaving a comment. :yes:


The outside modules are a bit too round imo.

The Goa’uld always built things very “rectangular” (pyramids and shit)

Maybe something based on triangles or rectangles would be better.

Check out this Ha’Tak


Even Anubis’s ship which was very round had those rectangular elements on the sides (cant find a proper screenshot atm)


Yeah, you’re right. That’s the part I’m least happy with at the moment. Been considering redoing the outer part. Guess I will! Thanks for the comment!!

So since my original design was not angular enough to be in the same style as the normal Goa’uld ships I started over. Haven’t started adding all the little doodads yet but will get there soon. Just though I’d show some progress lol. So here is what I have so far. I know most people here get bored easily with yet another space ship but I’d like to show this off and get some feedback, even if it’s negative so thanks for commenting/critiquing.


Hey, so are you making a Ha’Tak, or trying to come up with your own ship?
BTW, its always nice to see stargate projects!!

My own ship, just in the same kind of style. Every time I do a search for references from the show, the ships are always slightly different anyway so I don’t think there is just one model. Thanks for the comment!!! :slight_smile: