GoB Blender, Crashing :\

I’ve been trying to get GoB working with blender 2.68. Whenever I hit the button to port it over the zbrush, Zbrush opens and then proceeds to crash. Do I need to download an earlier version of blender? Or did I mistakenly download the wrong version of GoB? Anyhow… I don’t really know what to do in this situation. I’ve watched the CGcookie video on how to set it up and I’ve done all the steps correctly… so I am at a loss!


Thanks for watching the video, I’ve got an updated series planned that goes more in depth into the whole cross-package workflow.

Sorry to hear you’re having problems getting everything working. I’d recommend deleting the Blender folder from your ZApps, deleting your GoB addon, and starting again. Make sure you’re using the most recent version of GoB. The steps should be the same at that point for installing and getting everything running. I’ve been using the addon with daily builds of 2.69 without any issues thus far.

Hope this helps!

Okay, So I can get it installed in both Zbrush and Blender. In Zbrush it lets me select path to blender, and in blender it lets me select the addon GoB. The icons at the top change, but once I click export to zbrush it will instantly crash zbrush…Is there a certain version of Zbrush you’re using? Or latest as well?
-kind of reiterated the problem with the newer version of GoB And blender

I’m using ZBrush 4r6. I seem to recall having a similar issue when I first started using GoB but unfortunately can’t recall how I fixed it. Have you been through the GoB thread over on ZBCentral?

Read through it all, been fighting it all day. Can not get it to work, I am decently tech savvy and have installed tons of add-ons for blender and other programs already… I just can’t get Zbrush to stop crashing when I GoZ. I might grab a trial of a program that does GoZ and see if its working with those.
Anyhow, Is there any other ways to get high poly sculpting done? I’d do it in blender but… Its just…generally bad for what I want. Especially masking >.<

You could always just do it the old fashioned way of exporting an .obj between the two. Just remember to flip the green channel in the normal map if you bake, and repair the UV map (you have to mirror one direction, but I can’t remember which off of the top of my head)