GoB - ZBrush Fix

Hey guys,

A user by the name of jrboddie has found a solution for us. Here is his post on zbrushcentral.


"I was able to get this to work tonight with Blender 2.71.

First, the zip file at Blender Extensionsis incomplete. It only has the Blender plug-in for 2.69, not the Zbrush folder. Go to this siteto find links for an earlier version (2.65) of the package.

I used the latest Blender plug-in (for 2.69) and the extracted Blender folder from the older version for the Zbrush part.

After placing the ‘Blender’ folder in the Pixologic/GoZApps, Zbrush failed to recognize Blender as a possible connection app. My mistake was copying the wrong ‘Blender’ folder. The correct one is inside the Zbrush folder in the zip file and contains a single text file: GoZ_Info.txt. After correcting this and restarting Zbrush, I was able to then set the path to Blender.exe.

I installed the Blender plug-in (for 2.69) in the usual way and enabled it. The two buttons appeared in the menu bar. I crashed Zbrush by trying to export the cube from Blender so I assumed that Zbrush was not yet fully configured.

Restaring Zbrush, I brought in a cylinder, switched to edit mode and made it a Polymesh 3D object. Then in the GoZ line of buttons I hit R to reset the GoZ tool, then exported to Blender. The new GoZ import button in Blender brought the cylinder over. I then exported the cube from Blender to Zbrush without a crash.

Basic stuff, and I don’t fully have a grasp on the whole workflow, but perhaps this will help some of you who have run into some of the issues that I found."

I can confirm that this works for me. Give it a try guys. Thanks jrboddie for figuring this out.

When you send a mesh from blender back to ZBrush it will create a new tool/subtool separated from your “Project” tool. All you have to do is Append this tool back into your “Project” tool and it will be in the proper place.

Was there something wrong with GoB? I last used it a week or two ago with a dev build + ZB 4R6 and everything seemed to be working fine.

Yes, it has not worked for me for a while now. Others on ZBrushcentral have been having problems as well.

same here, The only problem I had was if you dont apply non-uniform scale (ctrl-a); on zbrush that scale is applied so you work on the applied mesh and on reimport to blender the gob object gets rescaled (because we didnt apply the scale to the object in the first place).

Which also shows another problem , if you want to keep your original blender mesh you need to back it up before going to goz, the gob object replaces the original one on import…

Hi Elionus,
Thanks a lot for your explanations very clear.
I want try your tip now.