GOblin MOnkey

Creepy :0 but cool

This is realy cool , i love it. one thing i would give the leafs on his head better textures…

This concept is really cool. Seems like you could improve the overall image with continued work/tweaking of the current elements you already have. What bugs me the most is the transition from the tail to the body. It doesn’t seem natural with the hair and the materials. Also, I’m not sure if it’s your intention, but the render seems overexposed. Good job!

interesting 0_0

The skin and face materials look a bit rubbery right now (too much SSS and too smooth). Another area of improvement would be the mouth materials (teeth look a tad too diffuse and the tongue has too much gloss).

If this is an early attempt at making a creature in Cycles, then this would be a good start to say the least, the modeling and the pose looks pretty good.

great,i like it as it is.

thanks guys for ur honest suggestions

cool stuff! looks nice

That’s a fun character…nice job

cool render. is it rigged? I d like to see it when animated!

I like it. Very original.

The hair material and placement stand out most to me, and maybe the eyes are too small or just not placed right in the sockets, not sure. If creepy is what you’re going for, eyes are important.