Goin' 'Old school' Veritech VF-1S 'Valkirie'

:yes: Yup. It’s old school compared to some of the model choices I’ve seen posted. Lots of nice models too BTW. I’ve had some experiance with CAD (took a class in highschool) but I’m a noob as far as CG modeling (there are some diferences). It’s taken me about a month to get this far, I’m learning blender as I go and I kept having to go back and redo stuff (I’m my own worst critic), and I know there are still some areas that need fixing, transitions between the nose cone/hip turret/fusalage to name some big ones. Anyway here’s what I have so far.


Hey that looks like a good start mate! A jet doesnt seem old school though.

It’s “old-school” because the VF-1S Valkyrie was the original “veritech” fighter in the Robotech universe (see also: SDF Macross), in the 80s version of the TV series. So it’s “old school” in that it’s from the 80s. It’s also “old school” in that the ongoing Macross universe has many newer television series/manga with newer designs. But the VF-1S is a classic – and the nose section looks great! Care to post some wires?

By Old School…do you mean the Robotech as being old school? It wasn’t that long ago! :slight_smile:

This looks great BTW, Are you going to have it in Valkirie mode?

Nice start!! I’ll be interested in where this goes.

My interest in veritechs goes way back (you could almost call it obsessive) … I thought about modeling one in blender, but couldn’t find good enough references. I did model one a long time ago… Can’t locate my drawings and references from when I did it. Haven’t been able to find a way to import that model into blender either.

I have found a couple 3dmax models on the net, and I even came across an old lightwave model of one. It’s kinda funny because yesterday I was playing with it and a b-mesh build of 2.5. The lightwave model is made of n-gons :no: and I don’t feel like converting it. If you’d like a copy for reference, pm me and I’ll set it up for you.

Best of luck!!!

Still working on the cockpit canopy and the fuselage so they dont look like the hip turret yet which is mostly finished as far as the mesh. Here are some wires, (with lvl 2 sub) sorry about the quality but it took me a while to just get these. Had to use the solid wireframe script to get these, the method that I found posted/on the tut video wasn’t working, kept getting a checkerboard patern that messed everything up. Anyway thanks for the comments so far. Perhaps I dated myself with this project but oh well.

EDIT: It will (hopefully) be fully transformable from Fighter to guardian to Battleoid.


This is where I got most of my referances http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/vf-1s-valkyrie.htm I also did a search for images of F14 A ‘tomcats’ and FA 18 ‘Hornets’ which the VF-1 is losely based off of (little of this little of that). I did some more work on the landing gear/bay,

fixed some things on the cockpit canopy,

cleaned up some of the transitions (still have some work to do on the bottom of the fusilage and the top of the hip turret where they join

as well as the nose, and some other areas on the hip turret), and started fleshing out the cockpit, oh… and I found the AO button. These AO renders have done a lot to show me the areas that still need some work.

The seat in the cockpit is just for referance, I want to get everything situated right since the seat has to lay back when transforming into battloid mode. The lack of accurate referances make for a lot of trial and error, especially as far as the internal structure goes. It’s not 100% true to all of the referances (they’re all different) but I am trying to get it as close as possible (there are some minor alterations [high/low indicatior for instance, necessary for landing on aircraft carriers but absent from the referance drawings] but they are mostly for functionality). Comparing the models to the referance drawings by the artist the forward landing gear on the models had to be slimed down a bit to get everything to fit and the drawings don’t always show how everything is situated, but I’m having fun trying to figure it out and make a decent model.

The lack of accurate referances make for a lot of trial and error, especially as far as the internal structure goes. It’s not 100% true to all of the referances (they’re all different)

I face this same dillemma as I do a lot of military vehicle/aircraft modelling. It’s very frustrating that there aren’t more resources available for cockpits and especially the landing gear, and foldup area.


Update time for those that are interested. After a lot of hair pulling and redo after redo I think I have the cockpit fleshed out the way I like it and it works, though I’m not sure I can call it a classic VF-1S anymore. The two refferance drawing I had of the cockpit where drawn at odd angles I couldn’t repeat and were not drawn to scale so I took a few liberties to come up with something that looks as close as possible and still works. I has plenty of length and width to work with but was very restricted on height. Anyways here are some images, and no that’s not the pilot, I needed a refferance for scale and he was all I could find on short notice. [If one blender unit = 1 inch then my guys about 5’ 8"]

These two renders I did last night I have since removed the floating panels by his head and replaced them with sliding panels on the sidewalls of the cockpit and shortened the forward display panel. The last one I included to show how little clearance there is (I squezed every bleder unit I could out of it).

I tried to make an animation of the CP moving through the transition last night but the one I ended up with was rather poor quality and the HD one I tried to do messed up the UI on the save data and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it, so I had to go back to a previous save (that’s why skelly is rigged in the first 2 renders but not the later ones). I’ll try to do another one this weekend. There are still a lot of little details left to add which I will get to a little later on. I mostly wanted to get the cockpit and landing gear working right before I moved on to modeling the rest of the craft.

Thanks for all the comments so far and have a happy 4th of July.


Another updated for the interested. With the cockpit internals out of the way for the moment the rest of the model is progressing nicely. Here’re some pics, enjoy and feel free to C and C, I’m a noob at blender and don’t mind pointers.

Still no anime yet of the cockpit transition, I need to watch some tuts and figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks for tuning in.

This is looking really good so far.

Just a quick update. I’m working on figuring out how to do the legs/engines at the moment, but seeing as it is likely to take some time I may just put them off for now and finish the other parts of the model and come back to them later. Have a few pics here, enjoy and thanks for stoping by and the comments.

Nice, take a look here, maybe we could collab?


Here is something esle that I got, all textured models are transformable: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f31g9Ie2OlY

There are a ton of video reviews of veritech toys on you tube. You might be able to pick up a few ideas from them as to what parts there are in the legs…


Just a quick update to let everyone know I am still working on this. Been kind of busy with other stuff, but I have been working on little details that may be kind of hard to see in the pics.

Not really sure what I will do with the model at this point, but I can say that the polly count on it is way too high for a game. I am planing on making a lower polly version. I restarted on the legs and still haven’t done much with them, the biggest problem I am having with them is trying to figure out how to do the ducting between the legs joints and get it rigged to work right.

You could always retopo a low-detail version and bake a normal map if you want to use it in a game. This looks bloody awesome, by the way!