Goin' to the countryside

Finally I can go to real vacation outside the city, I will not be able to blend and propably I will have a very few contacts with the internet (I hope you understand my bad english).
See you all in September!

yay lucky person.

if i could i would live in the country, and i would throw away my computer (it might happen some day you know)


I live in the country :stuck_out_tongue: Except I’m the exact oppisate, I wish I could live in town for a bit. Just suffering from a extreme case of boredom, from not being able to be around anyone.

Thou it is nice :wink:

Oh and have a good trip.

Really, you would get rid of your computer? I’m beginning to think that computers keep people apart more than bring them together (via the internet). I guess it depends on how you use them. I think I should spend some time away from my machine too. I just get into the habit of using it for everything I enjoy - music, film, animation and some other stuff.

I quite like the countryside because it’s so peaceful. I’d probably take my laptop with me though, so I could keep modelling.

osxrules, yeah my life goal is to earn enough invest wisely and then fuck off to the country with my family.

computers really do bring us further apart, and to be honest so do cities.

it is proven that the larger a city is the more lonely the people living in them.


Would you live in a community or just with your family? I saw that TV show with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie and although they were spoiled brats (as could be expected) the community they lived in were very close knit and friendly. It seems like a very nice way to live.

How true it is. It’s a shame really. I think it’s because people in the country depend on each other for help. So long as people in the city have their big paychecks they can be as isolated as they want. They just don’t make time for relationships. I mean, speed dating? That’s like microwave romance.

Invest wisely in what? If you believe in life, just take the plunge. Sure you will have hard knocks-very hard knocks - but you just might actually find life. Then what will you do? Then what will you be? But if you do go the hard way, for it is the only way really to go, you will be faced with only a few simple choices. They require utter honesty with your heart. Oh my! But though it seem so, you will not be alone. All creatures animate and inanimate will point the way and you will learn to listen. Yes, and listen well.

hey oxman.

invest is not just money. everything i have done in life has been an investment, and i have done it so that i have minimal regrets.

every choice i make i make on understanding of what the consequences could be, both emotionally, mentally, and logically.

so far i don’t regret much, because i have always pushed through issues and not given up.