Going into UV Editing Mode for a cube isn't working?

Well I created a zombie. And textured it with UV Editing and such. It’s done and ready to be animated. Then I wanted to make a cube for something, so I made my cube… and selected the whole cube, in object and edit mode… and then when I change the screen lay-out from Default to UV Editing it does the UV Editing for the zombie? And it won’t show the cube on the righthand side, just the zombie, so it’s not like I can select the cube to edit it. Help?

Could it be that you inadvertently added the cube while the zombie was selected and in edit mode, so that the cube become part of the zombie mesh?
just a though.


Have you UV unwrapped the cube yet?

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Well I fixed my problem, thanks. Now I have the problem that I need to close the UV Editing example window for the character. I have the one for the cube on the far right. And then in the middle is the character and on the left is the UV texture unwrapped… how do I close one of the example windows of what it will look like in default?

Sorry if I’m being confusing, this is my second day using Blender.