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hello been a while,

so here is a very early blocking from a project where im going for a realistic female, this is about 5hours in.

Im thinking of working on this for a month.

here are the images, plz do give pointers

and for now the proportions is key, the body just been slapped on for now, the focus is the neck/head/face,
havent had time for the back yet.


and here is 3 more im going zbrush first and the render and texture etc in blender

just some more

Hey! it is going very well! I’m sad that you are using zb but yeah… the body needs a lot of work, the face just a little more, especially eyes, and the frontal bone… the nose… there is nothing really wrong, but… you now… also if I had the references… now I just feel that something is of, but I don’t know what if I don’t see the references.
also you can cut the images and only show the model, it is a lot nicer, and it will seam like you really take the time to make a nice presentation, and not just some screenshots, if someone is going to take the time to give you feedback, at least make it easy! just my thoughts…

something weird abotu the whole shoulder neck and chest area. When studying your reference pay attention to the places where parts connect to other parts, where and how big they are. The hsoulders look like about the right size for the head, but then the rest of the body looks way too small. And where the chest is looks wrong. Something may be wrong about location of collarbone.
I suggest you post your reference material as well to give people a better idea.

thank u both of u for taking the time., ye the collor bone was to high so the neck disapered a little, due to I had to reshape the head a whole lot after checking the proportions of it.

I´m not using a specific reference, ( I know bad ) instead im using reference when hitting a specific area , so its different models.
Not trying to replicate a person but create a new. I think im just asking about the general proportions.

here are som new shots i took,

strange how a litte shadow in form of make up changes the model… :smiley:

needs some light variations. try to move some vertices around the eyes, nose and mouth only a little to make it less semetric. gets it out of the uncanny valley.

hello S-Markt, and thx for the feedback, im going to do that but not until the end, now when i just going for the main features in my workflow i have to use symmetry. Im thinkg the asymmetry comes after the retopology. cheers

The shoulders seem way too broad, the bones could be alright it may just be that you have the arms too far out. In addition the shoulders seem a bit hunched up which makes her pose seem extremely stiff. The second thing is that the head is too flat, it should be longer from rear to front.

hello faclonius, ye the body hasent really been the focus yet, I do agree, what do u mean with the flat head ? , could ( if u have time ) illustrate it with some paint ? , here is the latest front view can post side to

Sure, bear in mind I’m only talking ideal proportions:

The ear should be touching the second blue line back (the blue lines are also thirds), the intersection of the jaw should also be occurring back there just in front of the ear.

The important thing to note is that the length of the head from brow to the back is equal to the height of the head from chin to top (if the jaw is closed).

hello and thx for the feed back, here is the changes some of them anyways. left one is after changes , right before


Hey! nice improvement, the thing that I don’t like is the side view, the nose, it is not a pretty nose, I don’t know what are you trying, but the nose is not selling beauty. also the lower lip is going forward compare to the upper lip, that is hard to do it well in a pretty person, you will need references for that. two examples:
Carly Chaikin and Keira Knightley. also if you look at the columella and philtrum, where they meet is the nasolabial angle, it is too backwards, so just by thous two things all the nose and lips area are not pretty to me.
In the last revision you put to much fat in the nasolabial fat pad so you can not sense the plane of the face.
In the frontal view I probably give here more head and less face (silhouette) look at this beauty:

Also look at that beautiful nose!!! just look at it:

look at that upper lip, how it goes forward to meet with the columella isn’t it beautiful???
Also remember the lachrymal area needs to have stuff there, otherwise looks just wrong.

Anyhow, I think that you are forgetting to check the silhouette and that is pulling you back.
Keep going! you are doing great! just get it simpler, don’t use to many references, chose parts of women, but if you do the nose of one women keep going with that nose, combining 3 noses is not easy and will give you headaches.

That’s a significant improvement, nice work.

hello guys, tried to change the noise a bit, and also the cheek and the fat around there, also gave her more “head” here is a little update anyways,

will begin to work on the upperbody now and let the face rest abit.

just getting a feel for the upper torso and arms,


starting to find her i think, just blocking so far tho but starting to like what i see.

getting better and better. i usually import a daz character and adjust it instead of doing the whole job by myself. respect.

Looking good. Since it appears that you are going all the way I would recommend that you at least block out the entire body and limbs first before going into details. You need to get the proportions correct before your landmarks start going in because their positions are dependent. Even if you intend only on the upper torso again I recommend blocking out the proportions of everything up there first (the arms mostly).