Going retro

I downloaded Blender today after a long absence from the world of 3d art, installed, booted it up and then had to double take to make sure I hadn’t started up Maya. Looking through the dev logs, I can see that there are a hell of a lotta improvments that have been made, but in all honesty I lack the willpower to learn what seems to be essentially a new piece of software.

So are there any mods that can revert the UI back to the old clunky thing I know and love? Failing that, which was the latest version to still use the old UI?

Go here and download the version for your OS

Although it does look different it it in essence the same.
I was in the same position as you, reluctant and used 2.49b for a long time. But it took me only a few hours to be comfortable with 2.5.

These will help.

If you cannot find anything, use search.