Going to town

I have a snake and a lizzard. The lizzard tell the snake " you cross the road, you know what happens to my kind on the road"
I have 4 rows of corn on particles and a image on a plane behind that.
How can i make these things better before i animate? i am unhappy with the snake color and textures. I had more colors on it but it looked worse. Thanks for any help.

I think the snakes scales could overlap, it might help.

Thanks i agree. i want also more colors on the snake.
I think I do not like the corn. It does not have cartoon shape.

I got the snake done. This is the best I got. I spent much to much time and it looks like I did it in ad hour or a day. I got the look I was going for but not as well as I hoped. I must move on. I will now look at the lizard and see if the style matches or they look good together.

ready to animate. I painted the snake and changed the corn to look cartoon like. Maybe some light and texture tweaks first. I was thinking the reptiles need more contrast with the corn.


I painted over the lizard a few times. I think this is the best results. Now Im really ready to animate for sure this time.

It says part 2 but I do not know i need to write a script yet.