Gold coin reflects too much surroundings

Hi, I downloaded around 5 .hdr files from different categories from HDRI haven. But when I try to use them trying to render-view a gold coin, it has too much reflection of the surroundings. I tried PhotoStudio, Crosswalk, Outdoor and couple more. All of them have very imposing reflections due to which the coin does not look like a gold coin. Diminished shine and less glitter.

It will be nice if anyone can recommend a suitable .hdr file or another way to overcome this issue. I tried without adding Environment Texture but that makes the model look very dull.


Well you could just increase the roughness of your gold material?


Sorry to reiterate basics, but if that’s not the solution it might be helpful to post a representative blend file with HDRI packed, maybe with a render that shows the issue. An image posted (or linked to) that shows what the intended goal is might be good too.

Downloaded the lowest res Crosswalk from HDRIHaven, gave it a shot – I won’t say this is the best coin model or gold texture, but the HDRI doesn’t look like a problem to me.

GoldCoinHDRITest014packed.blend (4.3 MB)

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Thanks. I did take the advice and tried reducing the reflection. It was very helpful.

I will try the low-resolution version. I already used the 4K version. I do not have much experience, so your tips are always a gold mine to me. Appreciate all the help.

You can also try lowering the metallic below 1 (even if this is not scientifically correct for the real world) it should reduce the reflections, and you might also try plying with the secular as this represents the IOR for the material using the principled shader node. The IOR of gold is a really low 0.47 so if im right i think that should require a secular setting well below the default 0.5 which is supposed to match up to most materials with an IOR of around 1.4

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GoldCoinHDRITest015packed.blend (4.8 MB)
Heres my attempt. Had to remove the HDRI to make the file under 5MB. feel free to add one back in.


Do you try to blur HDR? Some people play with contrast, saturation… double sun to get more light or blur just sun to get softer shadows…

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Where can I find these options ? I got very close to what I like, but I am happy to try and make it better. I did add a sun just above the coin. Thanks.

In Photoshop :wink:
Seriously, you can use Photoshop, or even better Affinity Photo ( because better handle 32bit HDR ), Gimp. I see once how dude remove blue tint from HDR sky, which is common problem… often HDR sky are “too blue”. Blurring HDR give smother reflections and keep light. Sometime you don’t want to see what is exactly in background in reflections. If render become noisy just add some light.

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