Golden Clockwork Animation (Eevee)

Watch the full animation here:

Idea behind the animation.
The clock symbolizes life. We start at the end when the clock is long forgotten and lost all its former beauty. Suddenly a spark of life appears to be remaining on the inside. This will kick start a trip down memory lane. From birth to a full and productive life and back again to the very end until the clock will make one final move.

Thanks to having too much time on my hands right now, I was able to finish this Golden Clockwork animation. I used Blender 2.8 and rendered with Eevee. It’s my first real project after my switch from Cinema4D to Blender. Took a bit of getting used too, but I love the software and learned a lot along the way.

Here are some screenshots:


Well done, I like it :clock12: :gear:

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Thank you kindly! :slight_smile: