Golden Hind

I’ve started another project, just adding to my list of current projects…

Anyway’s, here’s the Golden Hind. I got the inspiration for this by playing Assassins Creed Black Flag and I wanted to do something with a pirate theme. I picked this ship for no particular reason other than having a decent amount of references and blueprints available. I am not going for 100% accurate (due to my lack of knowledge of ships), changing what I feel is necessary, but I will try to keep the overall look of the ship.

Im not sure if I will be posing updates after every modelling session or when I feel like I’ve made enough changes from the previous update.

Most recent update:

Favourite renders:

Blocking out ship:

This was actually the first asset I created. It was don’t about a week ago, before I even starting thinking about modelling a ship. Not sure where I will be placing it, maybe on deck or on an island in front of the ship.

This was the next thing I modelled, still before the creation of the ship.

Here is a quick turntable

very nice cannon!

Thanks m_squared

This is my last update for tonight.

-Started laying out the ropes
-posts on the deck
-added steps to the front of the ship (not viewable in this img)

I wouldn’t worry about having previous knowledge about your subject. Lots of people avoid certain subjects because they feel they do not have enough prior knowledge about the subject to do a good job on it. The reason you have a lack of knowledge on how to model ships is because you have never modeled a ship before. Strive to be as accurate as possible. Get as close to 100% accurate as you can. If you try to be that precise during the project you will discover that once you are finished with it you will be an expert on modeling ships.

@pcolapat thanks, I need to have that kind of mindset when I work on projects

Heres todays update:

  • started creating the planks for the deck, just need to cut the individual boards.
  • worked on the rigging
  • added pulleys
  • started creating the ropes for the sails. there are tons of them and are somewhat confusing but i’ll just take it slowly

I plan on either doing the railings and possibly the planks for the hull either tomorrow or Monday and then work on the back of the ship.

-worked on the deck a bit
-added holes for the cannon
-started adding the planks on the side of the ship
-added some doors and windows
-created objects like lanterns, the ship’s wheel and bucket of cannon balls

Been busy the last week so I’ve haven’t got much done. I added the cannons that I modelled earlier and I did some work on the back of the ship.

Tonight I plan on reviewing my current progress and make a detailed to do list with estimated time and priority. I might not get to actually work on it this week, or even the week after but I would like to do something productive before christmas.

Okay, I’ve found some time this morning to work on this.

-ladder, door, rope and lantern added to the front
-pegs that are used to tie ropes to the ship
-some barrels and crates
-bell and telescope
-created railings
-remodelled the bottom half of the hull

wow…looking forward to the complete model, and it would be nice if you could give some tips as to how once goes about with a model with such details, did you use sculpting tool, or was it piece by piece, and what references are you using… in any case this looks amazing… cheers :slight_smile:

Glad you like it.

I found some blueprints of the ship as well as diagrams for the ship model. If you just search for “golden hind blueprints” you can see most of the blueprints i used. I also found some nice photos of a replica.

If you need help with tackling projects that require a lot of detail then you should have a look at Jonathan Williamson’s tutorials on Blender Cookie ( Most of his training series are quite complex but he shows you how to block out the main objects that make the silhouette and build up the level of detail.

I used boxed modelling to block out the ship and then just started refining everything, adding objects that i felt were important. Parts like the wood planks were created by using shrinkwrap and solidify modifier which allowed me to work on a flat plane and cut out the gaps between planks. Almost everything is using a edge split modifier at the moment (except for cannons and treasure chest).
The ropes were done using bezier curves which I will have to convert to meshes later when I go to texture everything.

The flag was done using cloth physics and I used Andrew Prices tutorial for that (

I plan on using sculpting for the sails. Im not sure if I will have then down or tied up but either way i believe sculpting would be the best method. I will be sculpting the object that goes at the front of the ship. The Golden Hind has a deer but I dont really want to make that, I might just come up with something else.

I never got a chance to play the game, but I can see what good work you’ve done. Love the pirate ship. They’re so cool.

magnificent. This is all I can say.

Thanks Frobenius and CCTrevis

-Added a bit more rigging
-scaled the anchor down a bit
-added placeholder ocean and clouds (getting tired of seeing the sky background)

I also wanted to learn how to texture the rope so I followed Greg Zaal’s tutorial (
Here is the result, there is still a lot that i would have to tweak but at least I know the process behind texturing rope

-Added harpoon gun (the real ship doesn’t have on but what kind of pirate ship would say no to a weapon)
-There is a bit more rigging
-Changed the scaling of some of the objects (front door and wheel was too big)
-Modified water

-Added temporary sails and im still not sure if i want them down or tied up
-Added temporary island in the background
-I didn’t realize this until after the last render but the barrels and crates got moved out of position

Started to add basic materials to the ship. There are about 4 wood materials, 2 metal and the material that I’ve been using in past renders. I will break these materials down further to help separate the objects but for now I just wanted to get a feel for the colors.

I’m not sure if I will go for realistic materials (with bump mapping etc) or if I should just hint at wood and metal textures.

Will add pic of the deck once later on tonight.

Better view of the deck