Golden Hind

Hi, iam pretty new in blender, ive started 18.1.2014 and still learnings lots of stuff. I am using 2.49b but when i wanted to check it in new Blender that is lagging(little bit(with old buttons settings)) i saved it and i didnt want. So now, i have to work in the new Blender, thats is really uncomfortable for me. After i ve seen your work i was really amazed. So sorry, iam not able to do as nice models as you do. Bravo!


After relaxation and many things i ve learned thanks to many good people (on here,youtube) i ve decided to continue on this project. Today i did few things but just two pictures are here. I will finish this project with Blender render. I dont want to use cycles on this.

Hey looks like you are doing quite well for just starting out. I notice some of the textures seems a little low quality, but that is something that can be updated easily. I look forward to seeing more. It’s cool, because more people are seeming to use cycles now.

Hi, thank you for your reply to this topic. Iam using cycles, but when i want to use the model in amiation i just cant. Because one frame would take more than 10 hours. This is better in rendering time. And also when i started i didnt know what cycles are. I drawed this texture today, i dont know if you thought about this.And also i wasnt able to find blueprint of small boat. So i took my plastic model of sailship found one boat and did what i saw.

Well, i opened few textures that i draw sooner in gimp and edit them .Well, i have to say that it looks way better in my opinion.

I like this scene, maybe its not so realistic and there appeared few bugs with textures as i appended the model into this scene.


Well, iam somehow confused because altough that this is only blender render, the outdoor image took 58 minutes to render and the weapons indoor took 9 minutes to render. Something changed and i dont know what it is… :slight_smile: