Golden pocketwatch WIP

A small project of the evening, it’s now 3 am so i’m off to bed…

Not bad so far. How did you go about the chain, is it linked or did you just use a path? It does look a little large in proportion to the watch at the moment.

It’s just a path, nothing fancy in there. Some updates, made the chain smaller and started on the materials:

Gotta do something to those pins that hold the clock’s hands and that small plate… It’s almost 3 pm, will take a break from blending, I’ve been sitting next to the computer all day :smiley:

Looking better already :slight_smile:

Are you planning on trying something different with the notches on the gold outer body? I’m guessing you used displacement or something, seems to have turned out a bit irregular.

If you really want to go so far and increase the feeling of detail, I think just a little touch of bevel on the lettering and the minute intervals could work.

Keep it up.