This is my entry for the “CGBoost Folklore´s Challenge”. I sculpted the soldier, his clothes and the weapon over a skinned basemesh. Once finished, I posed him and made the Golem adding some particles and a bit of chromatic aberration in the composer. 10 days were enough to complete the whole piece. :slight_smile:

Eevee Render

Clay Render

Solid Detail 01

Shader Detail 01

Solid Detail 02

Shader Detail 02

Solid Detail 03

Shader Detail 03

Jacket Shader Tree


Being honest here,
I like everything other that the materials. Don’t get me wrong, they are good [certainly better that any I could make :sweat_smile: ]
But I realized this when I saw that the clay render looked better to me than the final one.
So materials 4/5 but everything else 5/5 amazing work overall. :+1:

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Thanks for your comment! :smiley:

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I might not know what Im talking about here too.
Take my words with 2 grains of salt maybe.
I think that the modelling is cartoony, but the materials are super real, thats why it may seem a bit off

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Truly amazing. So many details.

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Thanks Zorro!

Cool job. But I had problem focusing on the real subject; attention is draw toward the soldier, who’s under the light… imho you need to separate the monster from the wall a bit…


You are right about to separate a bit the monster from the wall to give more focus to the soldier, but I wanted to create a feeling of claustrophobia and “no scape” cornering him, so I don´t know if both things can be. Anyway, thank you very much for your comment. Well seen Kabu! :smiley:

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The clay render is great. Don’t stop now. You can probably get a really great final render. I thought the monster’s head was part of the wall so it looked like a head chiseled out of the wall. Then the soldier’s materials also kind of blend to the wall.

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great work !

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Thanks Adriano!

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Thanks for the comment Boder. In a days I will probably try a new version with cycles. I will try it then. Thanks again!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks Bart! Great weekend for you too!

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