Golf Club

I was wondering how the community members would go about modeling a golf club (particulaly the head of the club). I am going to use a club as my main character for a short in my computer art class.
Thanks, I really need help here. I’ve been trying to use UV spheres and moving the verts around, and using curves, but I can’t get it right for all that I’ve tried. Could you please lead me in the correct direction.


References would help greatly. I would just take a single poly and then just edit all the verts and extrude here and there until you get the shape. Then extrude it along the Y axis (if you did everything in front view, Z axis if you model in top view) and then add the handle. The key is really looking and think of where you think that the verticies would be placed. If you have a golf club in real life that would be that much better,

For irons, you can get a lot of mileage from simple flattened cube and some carefully manipulated subsurf. Cut loops to shape the edges, not so close that they are square (this depends, right? the top line on a Ping is squarer than most other brands). Once you have the edge shape you like, shape the face to match the face of the club — flat on the bottom so just bring one side down. The bottom edge will be wider so you might make a few cuts and shape with a Lattice modifier. You will have to think about how you will create the hozel before you tilt the face of the club into its appropriate angle.

It was a lot easier in the old days when all you could get were forged blades. Now most clubs are exotic cavity back or hybrids with offset hozels. One thing that hasn’t changed too much is the classic sand wedge — they are typically a blade style with a substantial angle.

It is an interesting modeling challenge. Good luck.