Golf Clubhouse

Here is an ongoing WIP uising Blender and the wonderful Maxwell Render add-on for Blender. The view is bit flat. Almost an elevation. Not very dynamic. So I will be playing around more with that and sun position.

Oooh wow, nice materials. :smiley: I would say work on the roofing, and shorten the grass, as this is golf, right?

The long wispy grass is the native grass that is on site. There will be no golf in the wispy grass…well, unless your golf game is not so good…Yes, the roof should be a bit more reflective.


I have my golf clubs ready, I’d like to make a tee time reservation to play please!
Looks awesome.

Looks great! I would work on lighting a little, but it looks pretty good as is.

It looks very relaxing, I would love to golf there

Some tone mapping would set this into photoreal territory

Thanks for the comments guys! Yes, lighting I think camera angle can be approved upon…

wow, how did you get the realistic sky effect? as i’ve been looking around and found nothing that good

I actually rendered a depth pass in Maxwell Render. I tried using a depth pass from Blender but I liked the depth pass Maxwell produced much better.


I am interested in learning more about the tone mapping. Do have any suggestions as to how you might approach this image with some post refinement?


^ for quick and dirty post you can try motiva, just render to exr and then use various film responses. Pretty intuitive stuff. The grass needs some work, otherwise looks nice.