(kaktuswasse) #1

hi all!

I’m working on an animation with a golfball and a bullet…Look and see: [divx4]

Sorry for the bad colors in the animation, it because of my bad
encoder :frowning:

cya henrik

for the updated look at the last post…

(shibbydude) #2

Very good! Blender has never been very good at animating physics without some coding. Nice particle effects. The only thing I have to say is that because of the encoding process you lost like one and a half seconds of footage at the very beginning.

(kaktuswasse) #3

thanks! Yes,I’m looking for a better encoder for linux.
Does anybody know a good one?

cya henrik

P.S.: does anybody know how to make this “smoke” behind the
bullet better? And dont to have thos many single smoke particles at the
end of the explosions?

(kaktuswasse) #4

nobody else? I just want to know how to improve the animation.
But it can’t get better if nobody says whats wrong. :frowning:

(shibbydude) #5

I think that if you subdivided your sphere a little more that the hole the bullet makes would be a little bit cleaner. Also you should use less particles on your smoke trail - that looked too much like separate particles. Use a lower alpha value on all of your particles and see if that makes it look better. Also, add some different color variations in with your particles; just subtle ones that make you think that all of the layers of the golfball are exploding. I hope this one helps :). Still a great animation, though!

(kaktuswasse) #6

ok,thank you!

By the way,I updated the animation:
the update with your thinks will come later…

(UglyMike) #7

Really nice!!
My greatest critisism would be the bullet’s trail, but you already know that. Also, delete the pre-entry trail after the entry ‘blast’ since that blast would surely wipe out the trail. Or go for a matrix style wave. Also the entry blast looks a bit square to me. Apart from that, I think you have a real nice effect going there. I’d like to see it from a different, more heads-on angle (about 50° iso 90°)

(kaktuswasse) #8

well, im looking for the warp plug-in for that matrix-like effect.

P.S.: the animation is updated again:

(Ecks) #9

WOW!! really nice effect! but you should work on the trail…I know it is very difficult to have a good “MATRIX” effect! I had the warp plugin but each time I try to load it on one of my model it made blender crash :frowning:

(kaktuswasse) #10

thank you… Yeah, the trail is my biggest problem. In reality it’s
more like a “smoke-tunnel” which is spinning and not such a thing like mine… But I cant get it to work to be like a tunnel… it’s a circle as
emitter,but doesnt work :frowning:

But can you send me the warp plugin?

cya henrik

(shibbydude) #11

Try making a face of the circle and in animation select [face] and [vect]. Then make a halo material with size of like .08. This makes the particles rotate around the edge of the face and may make your “tunnel” a bit better. Also make sure the circle has at least 40 vertices. This would be the best way to get a round “tunnel”. Good results for me were: [rand]=.o11; [randlife]=.6; [norm]=.1

(Ecks) #12

OK I will send it to you but what is your email??? I watch in your profile but you dont write it… is the plugin only warp.dll or is there other file? I have try to open it in blender and it say error with the plugin…

(kaktuswasse) #13

oh i cant use that one…I’m using linux :frowning:
but my email is [email protected]

(kaktuswasse) #14

Here the update=>
this is the right and working version! ^^^

(S68) #15

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