Gone Bananas!

Haven’t had much time using blender, so thought I would have a bash at parityb’s Banana Modelling Tut. So here are my finished bananas!


Good job on the bananas.
A couple of crits:

  1. the end should be more black
  2. not banna, banana

Good job. Nice to see new people using blender. Critics are the shadows (too many, maybe tun off shadows for a few lamps) and maybe you could get a better camera angle. And is it just me or are the bananas hovering?

Thanks for comments.

Re, hovering banana: I was trying to get the effect of the bananas bunched together, using duplicates of the original, it seemed to be the best I could get! The real ones vary!!

Re, ligthing haven’t followed any tutorials etc on lighting yet!

I had gone bananas with my spelling hence the missing ‘a’, have corrected :o !