Gone but Not forgotten - Full process

Hey Guys!

Thought i would walk you all thru my latest little project, this might turn into a mini series were i will do some more artworks in the same concept and style.

Final image

I found an image just browsing the internet. I really liked how this old dirty toy car was just sitting among some grass, and that sparked some inspiration in me, so i went ahead and started to work on this thing.

Imageboard with the concept and some reference for the project.

The whole project is made in blender except for the textures. The UV unwrapping isn’t perfect, i didn’t want to spend to much time on that in this project, this dose the job fine for just a still image. I just cut everything up, joined everything to one mesh and auto packed the islands. So a lot of wasted space but as i said, quick project. I also divided the parts into 5 colors to get some texture sets in Substance painter

Here is the final paint job on the toy car. Kept the original colors from the reference image and really rusted it down, used some masks for the base rust/color and then hand painted some “drippage” and were i thought rust would collect more.

The materials applied in blender. (material preview)

I made a plane, subdivided it and just did some really simple sculpting to get a rough terrain. I played around with the composition for a while but decided to just go with a more “strait on” camera view. As i was going to have some shallow depth of field. I wanted a small body of water in the scene to, tho it didn’t really pop out as much in the final due to all the plants. So i went with the bottom left camera.

I used the particle system to scatter a bunch of different assets from the Graswald library. And as i used displacement on the ground i used the Mask modifier to mask of only the faced i wanted in the render so it actually would render on my computer.

All lit with an HDRI and a sun lamp to get some more light in the scene and get that juicy transmission in the plants.

This is the raw render, after this i just took it into Photoshop and did some simple color corrections to get the more old and vibrant look that you see in the final up top!

Hope you enjoyed this project as much as i did!
I would love feedback on everything in this image.

Have a great one guys!