Good and free sources for sewing patterns blueprints

It’s getting harder and harder to find. 10 years ago this wasn’t an issue but nowadays those patterns are hard to come by it seems. Here and there you can find some soccer mom blogs with patterns but i never find what i’m looking for and i’m not willing to pay 20$ for a virtual summer dress.


All i want is to dress up this gorgeous lady here. She has a killer body as well, which i can’t show you of course as she’s naked and very shy. Please help me help her by providing me with some links :slight_smile:

You could create your own clothes in Blender now with the new cloth physics. However you will need to have a good photo reference you can find on Amazon or Ebay (etc) and then know about the best technique for sewing patterns.

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I took a poke around, and Pinterest might be your best bet.

“Free dress patterns” was a bit of a bust (ha!), as, well, it wasn’t. “SCANNED dress patterns” was a bit better. Older, sewing relatives might be a resource too. I know my mom was-- she had dozens of patterns, boxes full.

For five bucks you can get the real thing.

“Marvelous Designer” (software) has a 30 day free trial – if you’re geared up to make a bunch, that might be one way to go. Otherwise, $50/month, $300/year, $490/perpetual.

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Well thanks guys, i think i check out Marvelous Designer. Heared a lot about it but buying it would be a bit of overkill for since this is a private project. Hope the Demo has no restrictions.

Unfortunately i dont have sewing people in my family. I also found Vintage Patterns Wiki. Thats the kind of patterns i was looking for, unfortunately the just link to the manufactorers.

Yeah, the Wiki is more of an index than a resource. That’s why “scanned” is the better search term.

They do their best to be misleading about what it is.

If you are using Blender already, go with Garment Tool instead of MD. It’ll probably do all you need, and is a magnitude less expensive.


Thats what i’m using :slight_smile: and having watched a Marvelous Designer tutorial, looks like that is what Bartosz was going for. It’s a lot alike.

Marvelous Designer doesn’t come with patterns? The guy in the tutorial mentioned google for patterns. Searching for “scanned” give me slightly more results but not a lot. Mostly pinterest which i try to avoid. Guess i’m stuck with soccer mom blogs :frowning:

MD is pretty good, i don’t know if its worth the monthly fee but it is pretty versatile and very easy to learn. Anyway i used Garment Tool for this one. Pretty basic but something to work with and i did this without any garment patterns. Takes a bit longer but not as long as searching the whole internet for the right pattern. :stuck_out_tongue:

hm, seems like i cant embed vimeos.

Look for “Sewing patterns”