Good animator!

Hello, I’m not awesome when it comes to animation. And I together with some other guys wonder if there is someone who could help us with the animations of our characters. We are making a game together and we need a animator.

We got a site with blend files, models and stuff. So if you think you could help, just reply and I’l send you the site link. I want to have a demo finished before I reveal the game project to the blender artist forum. that is why I won’t post the link here.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What you would do as a animator, is making walk animations. And different face expressions, and stuff…
Ok here is a preview…:smiley:

are they rigged?

Not all the models, but I’m a decent rigger and I can rig a character in a minute.
Are you interested:)

Right now I need a walk cycle for the main character, and a standing animation. For cutscenes we need face expressions and stuff. The characters aren’t fully rigged yet, not all of them. I still have to put some shape keys on the main character.

If you are interested I’l pm you the link…:wink: