Good asphalt material?

Does anyone have some good asphalt materials/textures/bumpmaps, or a tutorial for making the stuff? I have been trying to make a decent asphalt material for a while now, and I still cant get the right effect.

Maybe try the stucci material with low noise?

It’ll take more than that… he said a “good” material.

I prefer hand painted, failing that, get an image and make some various maps out of it (Nor, col, disp) and see what you can come up with.

I got my textures from free texture galleries… I remember seeing asphalt roads and stuff also …

Try a google search for free 3d textures …


ive gotten good road textures with procedurals. search google for ‘(what you want) texture’, ex. “wood texture” he has a load of digital photos. (asphalt too, if I remember)

the stuff is make em usable and seamless…Gimp stuff :wink: