Good Blueprints/ Vector drawings for old, classic cars

Hi guys,
I’ve been trying to model a few cars lately. But I was never able to find good blueprints, in which all the views match up with eachother. I always scale the right side of the car so it matches with the top and front, but there are always some other details on the car which still dont match with eachother. On the top the roof is narrower, the lights are more to the left etc. even though the outer edges of the car match.

So if someone here has modeled cars from 1930-1950, or muscle cars from 1960-1970, and the blueprints proved to be good, can you please link some of them to me? I dont have the money or ability to pay for vector drawings, so most of the ones on the-blueprints arent of any use to me :confused:

Thanks in advance! maybe something here