Good Carpet?

Hello, I’m looking for a good carpet tutorial, or at least someone who can help me go step by step making carpet. I know there was one in the Blender:Noob to Pro, but I want something that’s a little rough. I thought of using static partials, however, the only thing which I managed to acheave was a cheap imitation of the oringe shag carpet that was in the 70s, I’m looking for something a little smother, but still not so smooth that it’s just a texture on a flat plane.

Once again,

Thank you.

you could try adding a texture that only affected the normals as this would give a bit of a dissplaced look. you would need to fiddel with the textures a bit to get it to look the way you want it but it shoud give you that slightly uneven carpety feel.
post back if you need more info on how to do this

Alright, i never got what you were trying to say, but i did manage to manipulate the particle system to give me good results.


Increase your particle count, I’d double or even triple it.