Good & Evil

Hello all!
This is my new personal work and it’s finally done! ( a big thanks to all who helped me with crits and ideas :slight_smile: )
Anyway, I hope you like it… and crits are welcome.


Not ice-fire guy anymore? :slight_smile:

The flames look amazing, and your ice texture is also pretty good. The only problem I see is that the blend between the ice and fire texture is too smooth.

Ah, thanks Alden…
Many have asked me why I made the transition between ice and fire like that, my answer was that I wanted to show them as a one body, mixed with each other but yet each is different…Does this make any sense? I guess not. But hey! it’s a new idea after all…

Thats awesome. But it doesn’t look like a good-guy. Bad part of the body is though really ass-kicking. and flames are incredibly good. How did you made those flames?

Oh, And it reminds me of God of war

very nice. great blending of an concept.

impressive render, keep it up, i dont think he looks like a good guy too not even half good but thats just a interpretation the image is powerfull.

Thank you all for the great comments :slight_smile: , and I’m very glad you liked it.
I know this guy looks pure evil, but I wanted to name this image anything that sounded cool:D .
eaglebreath, you ask how I made these flames… ooo they where a real pain. I made them with Photoshop ( some are mixed up brushes with lots of tweeking, others are hand-made by me…:rolleyes: ), here are the steps of adding the effects:


lol! I see you’ve changed the eyes, (Im so happy now ;)… Really nice work, Like the new title… Super!

Absolutely awesome! Love it. It’s deffinately finnished, and I love the flames.

5 stars from me

Nicely done!

I’m glad you like em now :rolleyes:
Cuby, thanks alote :slight_smile:

WOW Incredibly flames :smiley:

Wonderful work.

the model is great, composing is not that good and the flames going out of his head are cool

keep it up

Thank you hobbes and Adriano, I’m very pleased you liked it.
HellBok, thanks for the crit, I will do better in my future projects.

I will call it Fire & Water, not good&evil… He doesn´t look more nice as water than fire…
Nice model though

Well, Batman is scary right?:smiley:

This image was accepted at the CG talk gallery, but I think no one comments on “Blender pieces” I guess…lol

The score you get here isn’t always the best representation of what a work is worth, or what it deserves; on BlenderArtists people sometimes tend to rate things way too high (or too low if they wanna make it personal). On CGTalk however there’s so much incredible quality work, you really need to push things to get noticed over there. And of course it doesn’t matter if it’s a Blenderwork or not.

If you want your ego stroked, this is the place to be. If you want a real challenge, make your work worth seeing at CGTalk and go for that 3 or 4 star rating.

I hope we’ll all get there someday :wink:

umm…neither side of him looks good. They both look evil, don’t you think?!