"Good Guys"

I was originally doing the “BLEngine Horror” game. I decided to hold off because of the scale of doing everything and managing a lot of things. Therefore I decided to do something much simpler. It is a humorous 3rd person action game with a lot of planned funny cut scenes. It is moving along quite well and hope to be back here asap to let people play it (estimating about 1 month).

Here is the diary page I have started for it which includes more pics: http://www.p-o-p-games.com/Good_Guys/GG.html

Let me know what you guys think. This is the first project I have been this excited about and I have worked on a ton of projects.

I shall give some crits:

  • cartoony style of the characters
  • concept art has a unique style, save those pics for cutscenes or something
  • The guys have quite character
  • Watch your poly count
  • Your architectal renders look nice, but doesn’t fit your game (or am I talking about a totally different project :confused:)
  • Watch your poly count

Your saying its too high? (otherwise I would think you would have said bump up the polycount) I’m well aware of poly’s and this is still pretty low. To give real numbers, one of the scenes I showed off before in my other game was 191,000 verts @ 92 fps. This is currently 45,000 verts (haven’t run in game yet).

  • Your architectal renders look nice, but doesn’t fit your game (or am I talking about a totally different project :confused:)

Yes they are more realistic (I’m just taking real pictures and making them into 3d). I havent decided if I want to tweak the textures or not. I most likely will keep the realistic textures, but also do edge rendering. We will see.

On the subject of polycounts, your models may not be high poly, compared to many others, but they are very high poly for the degree of detail they convey. The trick with models that have thousands of polygons is that every single one has to serve a function or it is wasted and may as well be removed in the name of performance. You could cut about 1/2 to 2/3 of the polys from your models with little reduction in quality.
Also, I would recommend either drastically simplifying and brightening the colors in the scenery, or adding more variety and grit to your characters. The current stylistic separation between the two is enormous.

Remember edge rendering is not possible in BGE and faking it causes a huge fps drop.

This isnt BGE and edge rendering should not drop any framerates because it’s only 2 lines of code in a shader depending on how you do it. Not sure how BGE is doing edge rendering.

Your buildings are great! Love them, but I agree, the cartoons don’t fit in. Nice work tho