Good help is hard to find!!!

Is it just me or is it hard to get an intelligent answer on anything via this forum.

I joined not to long ago and have posted 4 questions. Only one responder actually took the time to read my post and answer what I had asked.

Most of the others told me to try things I had already tried. This would have been clear if they had actually read through the post.

The other help I got was from so called “forum gurus”. They gave me snippets of help that weren’t complete enough for a beginner to figure out. Then when I asked for clarification, I just got ignored.

So whats the deal??!! :x :x :x

it would be a full time job to answer questions in the help section.

most people who may be able to answer you don’t even read the help forum.

the problem is, many of the questions are asked over and over…


mine weren’t

They were very specific questions regarding python and blender, and compositing using yafray.

I did a very complete search before posting.

However, I do understand what you are saying about the time involved. But this still doesn’t explain the poor and incomplete answers.

Well… considering two of your four question-posts were in the wrong forum…

In your case it’s just because few know the answers (I guess). Your questions are very specific and personally I have no idea what the answers are.

Generally this community is very helpful.

You should try asking on IRC, it’s quite active with question most of the time.


Do you want the truth or a polite professional answer?


After skimming your posts I found you like to argue/debate.

So I guess your response doesn’t supprise me.


This kind of response is what I am talking about. Its usefullness is…???

I guess its better to type something rather than nothing. Even if it is pointless. RIGHT [!]

This only serves to validate my first comment.

calegatter, this is very funny, because usually every new comer says this forum is great because it’s easy to find help! there is plenty of tutorial around, and many persons answer question when they are asked properly. IRC is a great place to find help too since there are always people, and one someone enter and ask a question (that is not stupid) people answer quite fast from my experience. You can join the channel #blenderchat or #blender for question about blender itself, or maybe if your question is more about programming you can join #blendercoders. ALl those channel are on the freenode server.

From what I saw of your questions, they weren’t stupid at all, but they were quite specific, and since programming is not mastered by a majority of this community, well it does happen that some questions are not answered easely…

I’m of no help for you

I think I smell something familiar…

Kansas_15, Kansas_15, Kansas_15.


P.S. I know that was a useless post so you don’t need to say so. :Z

agreed with ecks


the forum in is more geared toward the development of blender, you might want to try there, you should find people like ton and theeth there most of the time also if it’s a python question, that should be ask in the plug-in thread.

Thanks all for the comments. I have to admit I was irritated when I first posted, so I may have come across wrong.

All of the quick and usefull responses have given me new hope.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

you may not have liked my post, but it served a purpose and had a point. :slight_smile: