Good Laptop for Blender

I am looking for a laptop that will work well with blender. It needs to be blender and other things also. I am a student so I will need the internet and MS Office. The price should be around $500, but less is preferable. Thanks for any help.

buy the one with the best graphics card you could get, Nvidia preferably ( or at least ATI/AMD)

You will not get a laptop remotely useful for CG work for $500. It’ll be an ok office machine for a few years, but rendering will be a long, noisy affair. And good luck finding a $500 laptop with a semi-decent GPU or a reasonable amount of RAM.

Like J pointed out already… No. :slight_smile:

500 USD buys you a HD videoplayer and office typewriter replacement in the Notebook world.
If you invest in a Desktop you should be able to get something decent.

You have to keep in mind that the prices for Notebook graphic cards are even higher than for workstations.
A decent graphiccard for Blender is 250-450 USD.

Add a bit to that and substract it from your 500 USD and guess what Notebook you’d get.

It’s either pay a lot more, or have graphics performance of a smartphone.