Good lighting, shadows and ambient

Is there a tutorial on how to make good ambient in a Blender game? If there isn’t, please give me some tips. Good lighting, ambient, shadows, etc… Which shaders should I use for which objects? What types of lamps and lamp settings should I use, how do I make a realistic ambient?..

It all depends on what are you making.

I find that a hemisphere lamp (around 0.5 energy) mixed with a sun lamp (1.0 or so) (in GLSL mode) creates nice out-door lighting, where the darkest areas still have a nice amount of light.

Thanks, I’ll try that. I’m making an FPS like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Any help will be appreciated.
ps: I can’t get the spot lamp to cast shadows everywhere. It just casts shadows at one certain spot. How do I make it cast shadows everywhere?

You vertex parent it to the player, move it far away and adjust the settings. That way it will create shadows around the player, since there is no good looking way to make shadows everywhere. Also you might want to bake ambient lightning in the textures, and for better results use a sky texture to emit the light when baking, it gives more color variation. If you are going for a realistic look you might want to turn off “specular” on all materials, and get the shiny look with fake reflections.

When you start working post your screenshots and than we can direct you in the way you want to go.

I’ve been working my for a while & this is the first time i heard of “GLSL” . I guess i jumped in early , I’m creating an urban scene and i modelled it for the second time b/c i didn’t took in to consideration unwrapping & texturing it the first time . now what is bothering me is do I have to do it all over again to bake & do the other stuffs to make it realistic…