Good Morning, Coffee

As a 3D artist,I’ve tried of using Blender’s GreacePencil for the first time, and the 2D animation overall. Was much fun working with the tool, especially with Lineart modifier

Made in Blender3.4

Post Production in DaVinci Resolve

Have a good morning :slight_smile:


This is cool work :+1:


Thank you^^

What a great character! I love it when somebody can establish so much personality in such a short animation, so well done!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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This is super cool! I love the 2d art in the background! Did you animate it by hand, or did you use tools in blender to make 3d look 2d?

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Shading on the background is something else. Would love to know your methods

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Thanks^^ Actually both of them )) I animate by hand the coffee from the cup, and the water with foam in the sink. The outline effect is Blender’s LineArt midifier.

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Thank you very much^^ I believe I didnt do anything special, just simple nodes, I played a lot with ambient occlusion node for all the materials in the background(mixed with noise and musgrave textures) and added lineart over all. I rendered separate sequence the lineart so I could play with it in post production in DaVinci Resolve

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I really like the outline backgrounds… really adds a toonish feel to the scene. looks Great!!!

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I like his nose wobble when he throws his head back