Good Morning

Hi guys!
This is my newest project. It took me about 30h to make. First I modeled the dragon base mesh in Blender and then sculpted details in ZBrush. Afterwards the environment and other details were modeled in Blender again. The image was rendered in Cycles using 700 samples and the Denoiser.
I would be grateful for any feedback, because I’m not really that happy with how it turned out.
I will provide an AO render in a few days.
For this image I used some textures from ^^
Anyway, I wish you all a great day!


Very nice!

So cute :smiley:

He looks very messy with the goop and the like, but I still would like to give him love. The lighting here really helps in terms of creating an emotional pull.

nice work :yes:

Thank you guys so much :slight_smile: @Warcos @Ace Dragon @gradyp

Here is the AO render.