good ol' north-central idaho weather

(rivenwanderer) #1

looked out my window to find this


and then of course there’s the sad little leak from Ton&co… sigh nice first day of summer vacation :-? :frowning:

(joecool) #2

wow. man thats cold. er, no intended pun…
you’ll be happy to know that I got out last Friday :slight_smile:
and we are having weather in the 70’s and 80’s :wink:
maybe the weather will warm up soon, eh? :-?

(dreamsgate) #3

down in boise the snow is gone but it turned real cold again.

(VelikM) #4

I’m sure glad I live in Alaska, it may snow from sept to april but at least it’s warm in june.

(fullback) #5

I don’t think it has snowed where I live since 1977.

It also rarely gets colder than about 28 degrees F (even during the winter).

It was around 100 degrees F on the 8th. I’m sick of the heat already :frowning:

(blengine) #6

brrrr…that looks soo cold… but thats awesome cocoa-warm inside-got nothing else to do but eat cookies and blend weather!!! i envy you…
::waits for thunderstorm::

(rivenwanderer) #7

yeah… by now though it’s icky slushy muddy rainy look at your nice glowing computer and not at the depressing outdoors weather :-/

(sten) #8


what a cold…

even in Sweden we have now very warm weather,
up to 28 Degrees in Celsius the warmest place
in Sweden this Weekend !!