Good Place to Learn Python?

I’m a newbie to the blender game engine, and have so far been only working with logic bricks and some python scripts I found online. I want to learn python because it will greatly help in the game engine. Anybody know a good place to start learning Python?

you find a couple threads on this forum on where and how to learn python

What level of experience are you at with programming in general?

I’m an okay experience, familiar (but not an expert) with a bit of javascript. I don’t know anything about Python, but I can pick up a general idea from some scripts.

You might check out

Actually this codeacademy thing looks really good.

you can make use of those Tutorials here as well, they helped me get started with python scripting

Hey check this YouTube playlist.
Very easy to follow short informative Clips.
Even covers installation and setup with Python 3+.