Good Quality Model/Render Needed to Attract Real-Estate Investor(s)

We are looking to attract the right Investment partner for our BEST Community initiative (Building EcoSystems & Technology) and need a model/render to help showcase the project to potential investor(s).

Here is a link to a PDF which describes the project and shows simple 2D visuals in large-format plan and elevation views, including dimensions and other relevant details, including the fact that Peapods are essentially made of shipping containers configured in different ways:!Aj8iY2Ms7m25i5wPNZL-R1U3rfV9_Q?e=WQCceC

For an idea about the ecosystems and a VERY crude blender render by yours truly, visit our website

This is a paid contract. We don’t have a huge budget to work with at this juncture; but we’re also not asking for complete models/renders of the Peapod unit(s) interiors. Just the Pyramidal Ecosystem, Ecodome, 12 identical (i.e. cut and pasted) Peapods, and the Blender files to be able to work with as needed (i.e. to create a fly-through video which we will do).

Again, you will get paid for your initial work. Upon successful funding, you will be given an incentive bonus plus the first opportunity to bid on future models / renders related to PeapodLife (i.e. peapod interiors).

This could be an excellent opportunity for an up-and-coming artist to get in on the ground floor of an ongoing partnership / work with a growing company. Help us make a good impression. If your work helps us raise the capital we need, you will have an opportunity to become a welcomed and valued part of our team moving forward. Please reply with a quote/range/timeframe for completion.

Here are some additional reference images which are unsuitable to put on our website:

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in this project. The contract has been awarded and we will no longer be replying to inquiries.