Goodbye 2.79? Maybe

Around the same time that 2.80 was released, I was experiencing a creative streak. Since then, I have broadcasted at least 1 video on YouTube every month. I was using 2.79 then, and the assets that I had.

Now and then I would dabble in 2.8x - my latest download was 2.83.

This month I broadcast 1 week early! … so I have been able to try some more ideas with 2.83. I am feeling more comfortable than I did back then.

So…, what is the most stable current version?

Thanks for listening,

For the case you want a good base that you can use for a long time without updating; I’d go fo the last Long Term Support Release - which is Blender 2.83 LTS. These Releases are guaranteed to be supported (receive bug fixes) for two years after their release. The next LTS Release will come soon though with 2.93. I usually prefer to stay on the bleeding edge and just use the latest stable release though - which currently is 2.92. Else you just miss out on so many great improvements and features.

A good way to keep track of Blender Versions is to use the Blender Launcher