Goodbye my "friend"

The other day I had that idea in mind and I started the project :

Place : in a warehouse, complete warehouse full of industrial thingys and machinery
Who and what : a money-shaped cartoon guy hung on the end of a crane arm (is that the word?) who’s letting fall a heart-shaped cartoon guy in a big barrel of radioactive fluid (with bad intentions ^^)

I’m planing to make this as cartoon as possible but yet realistic and I need ideas, comments and crits from my fellow artists to improve myself. :slight_smile:
Here I got the barrel of fluid connected to another barrel


beginning to look good!

how did you do the bubles on top of tank?

keep up the good work


thanks Ricky for the comment

the bubbles are sculpted ('cause the radioactive “fluid” is just a plane), pretty simple :stuck_out_tongue:

so here’s a little update, I added a “platform”.
comments and crits welcome. :spin:
no… not welcome : needed :smiley:


I think I might be able to help you, I have a model of a river crossing for an oil pipeline. I didn’t quite complete the project before I lost interest (a common problem for me).

I thought it might be useful to you though, it has lot’s of walkways, stairs, pipes, etc. You can download the file here. you can find all of the base sections on the second layer. I used Luxrender for the rendering, so you might have to tweak the materials and lighting to work in you setting.

here are some pictures;

I would like to see how this works out for you, please keep posting.

I think its a bit too early for advice…
No mistakes that I can see, and lots of potential.

thank you guys for the comments :yes:

@ greyoxide : big thanks, these images gave me great ideas. picked up the .blend too, my gosh you shouldn’t have given up that project it looks AWESOME :eek:
I’m not going to take any part of it because I want to make everything by myself
I hate taking the work of others and claim it’s me who did it :rolleyes:

little update I did today
walls, computer and racks
this update is very small and not detailled
(all that you’ve seen from here is base modelling, I am going to add more details and add textures when this base modelling will be finished)

also :
(I’ve changed my idea, the heart-shaped guy will be tied up attached to a industrial hook coming from the ceiling of the warehouse. this hook will be controled with the computer by a warehouse worker (a human) with $ for eyes (like the old cartoons))


another update
I’m quite finished with basic modelling so now I’ll start “Da real thing”
adding props and everything…
well here’s some boxes I added
C&C welcome


other boxes I’ve added to the scene