Goodbye to elYsiun, hello to BlenderArtists

Well, now that is under develpment I guess it’s time to say goodbye to elYsiun as it won’t be here for that much longer (time does fly).

I’m happy about the new website, but it’s still sad to see elYsiun get replaced.

Your thoughts?


Well, considering the new site is not yet finished, I think it’s too early to say goodbye :slight_smile:

Hmm, I see it’s planned to go online the 10th of june. That’s just two weeks.

well, are you gonna leave the blendercommunity? it sure sounds like it :wink:

I’m also looking forwards how BlenderArtists would look like. I’m really curious about the final webdesign and such, not sure how long it takes before it gives me the feeling back to say: I’m at my 2th home, but it won’t take long I guess. :smiley:

elysiun is only a label and labels cann be replaced with out changing the content.

as long as the people here wil be the same thats fine!



tho it will be nice to see tutorials and stuff at the same place as the forums.

well, so long to the old look. i must admit i will miss it, even though i find the color scheme disagreeable. but it’s definately for the best that it be updated to a more modern look/format. thanks timothy for your gargantuan effort in this.

man, i havnt been on here for a month.when was this announced? :o

three months ago or so

wow.that should be cool.but i will definately miss eysiun

well, are you gonna leave the blendercommunity? it sure sounds like it ;)[/quote]

I meant “goodbye to elYsiun” as goodbye to the current website setup, not me leaving, lol, no way in the world will I ever leave this awesome community!


PS: I changed the title so nobody else gets confused :slight_smile:

will the database of elysiun be attached to that of blenderartists… as i guess the amount of information that has been collected at elysiun in the last few years is HUGE! and i assume that info will be available when BA goes live.

what are you talking about?

they are the same site, same server, same people. The only thing that is changing is the layout and the format and some programs.

oh right… i m sorry i m a little too unaware (or dumb) about this… never investigated much actually… :slight_smile: thanks for clearing my confusion…

I’m guessing that accounts will remain as well?

Most probably.


Will we have to re-register?

Because it will say that some of us have been on the forum since 2001 which isnt really true.

But anyway… are any of us not migrating to Blender Artists?

Because Blender Artists is a re-implementation of Elysiun all current members should also be added into Blender Artists.


It seems Blender Artist will be the same people, same database, but with a new Name, Layout and easyer-to-update system for Articles, News, Gallery and stuff.

I’m not going to miss the color orange - never liked it from the start.

the best thing is to not worry about it.

one day, you will just click on, and it will look different. And then you will click on forum or something, and it will be back to usual. Nothing to fret over.