Google Earth Capture Data

Any plugins for a turning Google earth images into 3D?
Example here…

Point cloud would be an option?

Anything else along these lines?

That’s pretty neat. Are you wanting the buildings as well? If it’s just the landscape, find a DEM of the area you’re modeling. You’ll need to convert it to a format that Blender can read. I’ve heard of people using Terragen, but the free version limits the resolution of the mesh.
Supposedly this program will convert it to dxf…( I’ve never used it.)

ETA: Here’s a vid where he imports a HiRISE DTM into Blender. Apparently there’s a import add-on already packed in Blender…

Forgot to add the link…

Steve S

I don’t know what you mean. In that video the buildings are in 3d in google earth.
In google earth there are some 3d models over the maps. What he is extracting is the complete 3d and the textures of the buildings and the map using a program called 3d ripper dx, which extracts the 3d that is in the memory of the graphic card to an obj or 3ds with textures.

But getting the 3d buildings from the 2d map, that is not posible.

Ok, Thx I didn’t know about HiRISE DTM before.

I thought it was actually image data at first. It’s not even point cloud data either? It’s a 3d model capture in a different way? IDK lol
I haven’t seen anything on getting scenes into blender with buildings from Google Earth, which is why I’m asking.

The models are made by people.Anyone can do it. Actually I think the initial purpose of google sketchup was that, to allow everyone to model and texture easily a 3d building of their city and put it in google earth.
The 3d ripper extract obj that you can import into blender as in any 3d program.You can extract even a model from a game with it.
What you are thinking on is not posible and you are mixing concepts that don’t have any relation between them.

Great thx. I was confused a little because I seen this video here. I didn’t know large scale ripping could be done.
It is possible with images, but not very ideal because of quality.

Yes it is posible to get 3d from simple photos but taking from diferent angles,not from google earth where you have only the angle from the top only.It’s definitely imposible that you can get buildings in 3d that way.At least a complete 3d model like in the first video.