Gorillas in the Mist

Hey guys…I havent posted any thing in the finished projects for a while so here is something fun:) While working on a good mist effect using the compositor I came up with this scene. Kinda a test but it now my desktop background. All cycles 200 samples Blender 2.62.

I plan on using the fog/mist in my BG competition scene:yes:
Here is a fog only pass

Happy Blending:)

Nice work!

I like it! Glad to see Suzanne actually getting a little bit more of a starring role, other than screen tests, lol.
It looks really cool (^^,)!

thats clever

Nice mist. I do not believe Suzanne is a gorilla however!

You’re right. She’s a monkey.

Nice mist effect. Did you use the map value node in the compositor or the mist pass itself?

I used the map value node which is typical but I dont like how the map value uses the Z pass infinitely in all directions parrallel with the camera. Meaning the fog or mist will have no vertical restirction like fog you might see in the real world. The built in mist has some issues as well and I find I have better results with the map value node method. So as a work around I split the map value output and inverted one and then blurred it quite a bit and the did a color mix “multiply” and recombined the two and then did another color mix “screened” with the render output. I also mixed a solid gray color to darken the fog a bit just before the mix with the render output.

@hotzst - haha I know she is definitely a monkey, I just thought the name was clever and fun:) Glade you liked it though.

Thanks everyone else and Happy Blending!