Gorka Combat Suit

Hey guys, finally got renders out for a gorka suit, gas masks, and the Altyn helmet I made sometime back so I thought I’d share them. As always comments and critique are welcome. I made them to mod them into Fallout 4 as usable appeal.

All texturing was done in Substance Painter.

I used a high-poly workflow on majority of the suit. I did not do the same with the gas masks or helmet. It was my first time sculpting cloth so some folds might not be the most realistic, I also wish I had done a better job of optimizing the low-poly but overall I’m happy with the result.


PPM-88 gas mask - 6,479 Verts / 12,127 Tris

PMK-1 gas mask - 5,753 Verts / 11,046 Tris

Altyn helmet - 2,904 Verts / 5,280 Tris

Gorka suit (low-poly) - 14,868 Verts / 28,478 Tris

Gorka suit (high-poly) - 8,258,881 Verts / 16,500,042 Tris

The mods of the items on Nexus: Suit, gas masks, and helmet.

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Some more renders with wireframes: https://imgur.com/a/1hMxu

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Gorka - is it russian tactical gear for special forces? Looks cool and renders too )

That is a lot of good work! congratulations!

Thanks! Yes, it’s the Gorka-4 used by SF with the Smersh AK harness and Alta knee-pads.

Thanks a lot!

Great sculpting. Fabric looks greate imo!

Good work …