Got a DV camcorder. Quite impressive...

I had to buy a DV camcorder. A JVC infact, because my old VHS-C died and I needed something to capture on Christmas morning while the kids opened their presents.

I must say, it is quite impressive. The quality is so much better than the old camcorder.

I hooked up the firewire cable from the camera to the computer and transfered the video. I had existing video software on my computer, but what amazed me was the fact that when I clicked the Record button on the PC screen, the camera knew when to start playing the video. When I clicked the Stop button, the camera automatically stopped too. There’s probably more, but I got to figure that out later.

In short, I was able to do some minor editing to the video file and create a high quality DVD movie onto a disc. My old method was to use my ATI capture card and save analog quality videos as MPEG-2 files.

I got a Sony DCR-TRV350 for Christmas. It’s a pretty nice little thing considering how much we paid for it (refurbished, of course).

Now you can all expect to see some video compositing projects posted within the next few months. :wink: