Got maya autodesk 8.5 today with 200 hours of profession dvd tutorials

OMGZ, its weird, i keep using the blender controls on it lol but the tutorials are really good :smiley: having so much fun. but it does suck like starting again from scratch. i mean idk even know how to do materials yet lol ah well will learn eventually.

Where’d you get the tutorials? Was it some sort of package deal? (I ask because I’m planning on learning Maya over the summer)

Sounds great we are happy for you. Unlimited or complete? Anyway congrats and well done on getting those tut dvds!

Don’t forget blender though!

Maya’s a good program, but if you want to learn a professional program thats similar to Blender, learn Cinema 4D.

Wow, how is C4D similar to Blender? :eyebrowlift2:

Just use it. Its surprisingly similar. Especially the material editor and the user interface theme. i got the big package off a freind :smiley: – Maya Extreme Bundle – 215 hours run time – 96 disks – $2,328. Nice friend you’ve got there, dreadfear.

Add $1100 each year also