Got Nails?

This was inspired by the screw thread a while ago and was about 20 minutes of work. I recently remembered it and decided to see what you all think. C&C, please.

I think the reflections need work

pretty cool . i want to try now i got a nail festival in my head lol.

I wish there was a way to make it so that the nails would automatically refused to touch each other. They become annoying to place, though it is quite a bit of fun at first.

Yeah i wish they would set blender up so you could use the physics engine with animation…soonmaybe…

Looks pretty cool. I’d make a more scarhy surface for the nails and play around with the reflcetions, but other then that, look neat!


Yeah, the reflections are odd. Oh well. They’re raytraced, not env mapped, so I don’t know how to mess with them much. As far as bumpmapping or something, I suppose I should, but I enjoy the odd, sterile feel of this one. Hm. It was fun, but I think I’m done with it. Thanks for the comments.

aha, reflactions … and nails never are so shiny and so perfect. make them dirty and bumpy.

again: Flying nails